Teeth Whitening in Carrollton TX

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Does dark tooth discoloration have you feeling insecure about the appearance of your smile? You are not alone. In fact, it is estimated that as much as 80% of Americans between the ages of 18 to 49 want to have whiter teeth. As a result, many come to try over-the-counter whiting products; however, they are quickly left feeling disappointed because there is not a drastic improvement in the visibility of the stains. The kits do not contain professional-grade whitening agents to deeply penetrate the enamel. The only way to get the noticeable, lasting results that you want is with teeth whitening in Carrollton from your cosmetic dentist. Dr. Marc Dandois has the solutions you need to restore a brighter smile.

Combat Tooth Discoloration

Unfortunately, your teeth will naturally start to turn yellow or brown as you age because the enamel becomes thinner, exposing the dentin. However, the severity of discoloration can be amplified by various factors, such as genetics, poor dental hygiene, foods and drinks, and bad lifestyle choices, like smoking.

Although over-the-counter products appear to be the perfect solution because they are widely available and affordable, they are not effective. Their whitening agents are not highly concentrated, so they cannot deeply penetrate the enamel. They will only produce a slight improvement in surface stains. The only way to get your teeth several shades whiter is with your dentist in Carrollton.

Get a Bright Smile with Zoom! Whitening

Dr. Dandois provides the perfect option to reverse the appearance of stains to brighten your smile. With the Zoom! Whitening system, a specially formulated bleaching gel is applied to your teeth. A light is then used to activate the whitening agent to penetrate the enamel and the dentin. Generally, your treatment will involve three sessions with 15-minute intervals during one appointment. At the end of the procedure, your teeth will be noticeably whiter with results that will last with the right aftercare.

Restore a Whiter Smile At-Home

Now, you can get professional-quality results with the convenience of an at-home whitening kit. After performing an initial consultation, Dr. Dandois will provide you with custom-fit whitening trays to ensure even and consistent results. In addition, you will be given the professional-strength whitening agent to use at home. Over the next 10 days to 2 weeks, you will begin to see stains fade away to reveal a whiter, brighter smile.

Although you will be whitening your teeth at home, rest assured you will still achieve the same high-quality results of an in-office treatment to invest in your smile.

Invest in Your Confidence

With a professional whitening treatment from your dentist in Carrollton, you will make a true investment in your confidence with an attractive smile. To protect your results, it is best to maintain your oral hygiene and semi-annual dental appointments for a cleaning and checkup. In addition, it is best to avoid any stain-causing foods, such as berries, coffee, and tea. However, if you cannot avoid them, be sure to brush your teeth immediately or rinse your mouth with water.

If you use tobacco, it is recommended to stop smoking as soon as possible to prevent new nicotine and tar stains from developing. With the right aftercare, you can ensure that your bright new smile will last for several years.

Get a Bright Smile Today!

If you are ready to smile with confidence, it is time to see if professional teeth whitening is right for you. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Marc Dandois.

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