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A root canal is a conservative therapy to preserve an irreparably damaged tooth and save it from extraction. Dr. Dandois has advanced training in endodontics – the branch of dentistry that focuses on internal tooth structure. He uses modern tools and techniques to deliver root canal therapy that’s more comfortable than you can imagine. For total relaxation, consider having your root canal performed under oral or IV sedation.

Anatomy of a Tooth

Each tooth has an inner chamber with pulp, commonly called the nerve. Canals branch out from the pulp to the tooth root. These canals transport blood and nutrients to the root and carry away toxins. When a tooth sustains damage from a fracture, deep cavity, or other trauma, the pulp becomes susceptible to infection. Left untreated, the pulp can die, which results in tooth and mouth pain. Ultimately, tooth and bone loss may occur.


Once you’re comfortably seated in a treatment chair with appropriate numbing and sedation, Dr. Dandois will clean out the canals of your damaged tooth, insert a biocompatible substance, and then seal the tooth with a custom crown. You’ll keep your tooth, which is always our preference and better for you. The crown will provide long-lasting strength and protection to keep your smile strong and healthy for years to come.

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