Getting the Bite on Mouthguards in Carrollton, TX

Athletes understand the importance of wearing knee pads, helmets, and shin guards when out on the court or field – but what about protecting your vulnerable smile? Studies show that nearly 40% of sports-related injuries involve the face, after all. That’s why Dr. Marc Dandois strongly recommends the continual use of a custom mouthguard here in Carrollton, TX.

boy putting in mouthguard What’s a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a vital piece of athletic equipment that’s designed to fit over a person’s teeth, essentially “guarding” their dental structure and surrounding face, jaw, tongue, and lips from injuries that could occur because of contact with other players or hard surfaces. Research has even suggested that the use of a mouthguard can reduce the severity of a concussion!

There are multiple types of mouthguards, and we want to help you select the one that best fits you or your family’s needs. They include:

Please keep in mind that patients with braces or removable tooth replacements like dentures may require a special model for their mouthguard. Additionally, patients should take care to rinse their appliance after each use and regularly clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Contact our Carrollton, TX practice today if you’d like to start the process of receiving your very own mouthguard!

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