Intraoral Cameras & Chairside Monitors in Carrollton, TX

All too often, patients don’t have a firm understanding of their own smile’s health. They’re left feeling like they’re in the dark with their dentist, who handles their problems and provides effective treatment but doesn’t help them understand what exactly is going on. At the office of Dr. Marc Dandois, our team doesn’t find this acceptable. We want our patients to be fully informed partners in the oral healthcare journey and not just along for the ride. That’s why we utilize intraoral cameras and chairside monitors as often as we can to help them fully understand the realities of their dental needs.

At your appointment, one of our team members will comfortably insert a pen-shaped wand with a camera at the tip into your mouth. This camera will capture high-resolution images of what’s inside and transmit them to a nearby computing unit, which in turn sends the enlarged images to a nearby screen for easy viewing. This helpful visual aid will allow Dr. Dandois to point out problematic areas and explain the results of potential treatment options.

While many people understandably feel a little overwhelmed when faced with their dental problems on the big screen, this is an important step in the oral healthcare process. By being able to identify the early stages of decay and infection, these small issues can be prevented from turning into much more serious damage. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how effective your at-home oral hygiene routine is and where there’s room for improvement. Please contact our Carrollton, TX practice today to schedule your first appointment!

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