Extractions & Oral

Extractions & Oral Surgery in Carrollton, TX


At our Carrollton dental office, we offer full-service dentistry to address virtually all of your oral healthcare needs, including extractions and oral surgery. We think that it’s important for patients to feel comfortable, cared for, and familiar. To ensure you receive the dental care you deserve, Dr. Dandois performs:

  •  Extractions to eliminate crowding
  •  Removal of wisdom teeth (third molars)
  •  Extraction of irreparably damaged teeth
  •  Root canal therapy
  •  Crown lengthening
  •  Gum lifts
  •  Biopsies

For a stress-free experience, Dr. Dandois can perform your extraction or oral surgery under oral or IV sedation. He’s uniquely qualified to deliver safe, effective sedation that soothes frayed nerves and promotes a sense of peacefulness and calm.

If you have questions or concerns about any dental procedure that we recommend, please contact us. Our team is always available to share information and educational materials. The more you understand about your dental treatment plan, the wiser your decisions will be.

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