Emergency Dentistry in Carrollton, TX

man covering smile Dental emergencies can happen in an instant, or they may develop gradually over time until the symptoms have become unbearable. Whatever your personal situation is, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Marc Dandois here in Carrollton, TX right away if you’re in need of relief from severe oral injury and/or pain. We offer same-day emergency services for both new and current patients, and after-hours care is also available if you’ve visited our practice before.

Many patients aren’t aware of what exactly constitutes a dental emergency. Here are some of the most common situations our team sees that we believe fit into this category:

If your jaw has suffered traumatic damage and could be broken, please proceed to your nearest emergency room for immediate care. If you experienced any fractured or lost teeth in the accident, contact our practice as well so that we can arrange for restorative and cosmetic treatment after you’ve healed from the initial injury.

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