Avoiding Dental Emergencies This Football Season

September 17, 2019

people playing football

Does you or your child play seasonal sports? As a parent, the thought of them getting injured terrifies you, which is why you want to get them the best forms of protection available. Whether it’s football, soccer, or any kind of contact sport, your teeth are vulnerable and can be in jeopardy of getting knocked-out or permanently damaged. That’s why your dentist offers custom-crafted mouthguards to save pearly whites from injury. Instead of having to handle a stressful dental emergency, you can rest assured knowing that you or your child’s teeth aren’t in harm’s way. Read on to learn about custom mouthguards from your dentist.

What are the Different Kinds of Mouthguards?

A mouthguard is a necessary piece of safety gear for all athletes that play contact sports or who have hobbies that could result in a dental emergency. They fit over the teeth to provide padding and protection in case of a collision or contact with a ball or player. Research has long shown that using it can reduce the risk of several types of injuries, including concussions. There are a few different types that you can purchase for you or your child:

  • Ready-Made Mouthguard: You can find these at your local sporting goods store. They’re typically the least expensive option and only come in one size, which can make it difficult to breathe and speak with them in.
  • Formed Mouthguard: For a slightly more customized fit, these mouthguards are often known as “boil and bite” mouthguards. You heat them up in water to make them moldable and bite into it.
  • Custom-Made Mouthguard: For the best protection during any game, custom mouthguards made by your dentist are specially made to protect your unique mouth. This makes them the most durable, comfortable, and reliable choice.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard?

Every person’s mouth is different, which places the “one-size-fits-all” mouthguards at the bottom of the totem pole for protection. Choosing a custom mouthguard that is made from quality materials that have been tested and proven to last longer, reduce concussions, and absorb shock vibrations, can help you avoid having to deal with a dental emergency. They can also protect you from:

  • Cuts and bruising caused by impact.
  • Fractured and knocked-out teeth.
  • Fractured and damaged jaw.
  • Reduce brain injury.
  • Prevent neck injuries.

Because they’re custom-formed, they’re more comfortable and flexible than other options and allow for better breathing ability. With an exact and proper fit, you won’t have to worry about it shifting around in your mouth or leaving certain areas less protected than others. Plus, if you’re looking to protect your child’s teeth, the appliance will be able to securely fit their small mouth without damaging their oral tissues or creating irritation.

Avoiding dental emergencies by using the best form of protection can save you time, money, and hassle. Not only can these situations by stressful and expensive when they occur, but they can cause permanent damage that could create additional problems down the road.

About the Author

Dr. Marc Dandois has over three decades of dental experience. He focuses on preventing oral health problems from ever occurring by offering treatments like custom mouthguards for sports, dental sealants, and oral appliances for teeth grinders. He has also completed advanced training in full orthodontic traditional braces as well as restorative dentistry as well. For questions or to schedule an appointment to be fitted for a custom sportsguard, visit his website or call 972-394-7007.