Get a Brighter Smile Before Summer With Teeth Whitening in Carrollton

April 22, 2017

Get a brighter smile before summer with teeth whitening in Carrollton.

With summer right around the corner, chances are you’ve got some exciting activities planned! Whether you’re attending graduations or weddings, or perhaps going on vacation, you’ll want to look your best. Have you considered teeth whitening to update your smile? You might be surprised at what a huge impact a brighter smile can make on your appearance! Dr. Marc Dandois can help you get a brighter smile before summer with teeth whitening in Carrollton.


Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

While whitening works well for most patients, there are a few circumstances in which it may not be as effective such as:

  • Severe staining caused by medications
  • If you have dental work such as crowns or veneers
  • A tooth that has been traumatized by an injury

Dr. Dandois can determine if whitening will suit your needs, and if so you can move forward with our effective and efficient ZOOM! whitening system.

How Does ZOOM! Work?

If you’re seeking immediate results, Dr. Dandois can lighten your teeth 6-10 shades with ZOOM! during one short appointment at our office. We’ll begin by applying a protective barrier around your gums and soft tissue, and the we’ll apply ZOOM!’s high strength whitening gel. Dr. Dandois will activate the gel with a special light, and we’ll finish by applying a fluoride treatment that will help to alleviate any sensitivity the whitening might cause.

ZOOM! has proven to be very effective and capable of removing most discoloration. Best of all you’ll achieve immediate results so you can begin enjoying your dazzling new smile right away, making it an ideal option for busy adults.

Other Options for a Brighter Smile

If you’d prefer to have the freedom to whiten at home based on your schedule, we can also make a custom fit plastic whitening tray with impressions we take of your teeth. We’ll teach you how to safely apply the whitening gel to your trays, and we’ll send you home with your own supply of high strength gel. We recommend that you whiten initially for two weeks to achieve your desired results, and then you’ll have your trays to update your smile whenever you like.

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